Django Lives!
Franco Nero (Cars, Die Harder, Django)
Christian Alvart

The original DJANGO film had a profound impact in the world of film and was front and center of the Italian Spaghetti Western movement.  In the new film DJANGO LIVES!, DJANGO (Nero) will still be a mythical stranger, having lived through an adventurous life.  But it’s not just Django who has gotten older - time has moved on, and the Wild West is dying.  Men like Django were once called "cowboys” and "free men’” – now they are just drifters.  In DJANGO LIVES, it’s 1914 and Django finds himself in California, where early Hollywood productions are now intersecting with the old towns of the Wild West.   As Django travels to the small town of Matanzas, which calls itself “the whitest town in California,” he soon finds himself face to face with an assortment of bad guys including the local KKK-like group.  But Django still has a few aces up his sleeve, and will show us that he has some fight left in him yet.