Holiday Joy
Bailee Madison (Brothers, Conviction, Just Go With It), French Stewart (3rd Rock from the Sun, “Mom”)
Kirk D'Amico
Family, Comedy

Joy Hockstatter has been trying to help her dad, Bob, hold the family together after her Mother’s death a few years earlier. Although only 15, she has tried to become a kind of surrogate Mom to her one older and one younger brother. Every day she looks across the street to the perfect house and family of the Wellmans. After a freak accident, which involves some suspicious cards, Joy wakes up as one of the Wellmans with a new mother, father and older sister. Her new life initially seems to have changed for the better, only now Bob and her brothers have taken a huge turn for the worse and the only one who recognizes Joy from her previous life is her old dog, Levi.

US Broadcaster: Freeform (formerly ABC Family)